I am using lhs2TeX for my literate Agda files and I'd like them to be syntax highlighted. I know I can achieve some highlighting via %format instructions but that is a bit too much. I have tried using lhs2Tex-hl as instructed at http://foswiki.cs.uu.nl/foswiki/pub/FPOld/CourseLiterature/presentation.pdf but to no avail.

If anyone can help with getting PDF's with coloured Agda, that'd be appreciated!


The Agda latex backend is great but has some issues. Biggest issue is spec-environment. It says that spec is undefined, so making it a synonym for code should fix things: \newenvironment{spec}{\begin{code}}{\end{code}}, but instead now there are type-checking issues and missing $ errors. Using sed to remove spec blocks altogether results in missing $ errors; likewise \newenvironment{spec}{\verbatim}{\endverbatim}. Similar trouble with using |...|. Also, I honestly liked the %format of lhs2tex ...

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