Is there a simple way to configure a totally custom build process for a non-Java project in IntelliJ IDEA? Basically, I just need to run a custom shell command instead of any smarter build processes.

  • what kind of project is it? – leeor Jan 30 '16 at 13:55
  • It's a D project, but this is definitely irrelevant to the question because I am looking a way to run my own build commands on this project. At the same time I like IDEA for its integration with VCS, that's why I'm looking for a way to use it in any possible project. – Max Alibaev Jan 30 '16 at 17:13

Try configuring these shell commands as custom tools (File > Settings > Tools > External Tools).

You can then assign keys for invoking them (e.g Ctrl + F9) in File > Settings > Keymap > Main menu > External Tools > [Your tool name]

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