I'm stumped by this problem. I'm trying to display a class if a certain string is equals to the logged in username. However it doesn't seem to ever evaluate to true. Here's the code in gsp

<g:if test="${it.from.username == sec.loggedInUserInfo(field: 'username')}">
   <div class="direct-chat-msg right">
   <div class="direct-chat-msg">

I also tried using this method

<div class="direct-chat-msg ${(it.from.username == sec.loggedInUserInfo(field: 'username')) ? 'right' : ''}">

However nothing I do can get the 'right' class to show up in the div. Just for good measure, I printed out the values of both classes in my gsp in hidden fields.

<input type="hidden" value="${it.from.username}"/>
<input type="hidden" value="${sec.loggedInUserInfo(field: 'username')}"/>

And the values are exactly the same

<input type="hidden" value="u***@gmail.com">
<input type="hidden" value="u***@gmail.com">

I've tried several combinations of string comparison .equals(), calling .toString() on both, also trying as String. however nothing seems to be working. What could the issue be?

I have tried passing the logged in user object in the Model from the controller, and just calling loggedInUser.username and it works. So my question now is, what kind of object is returned by spring security?


The result of sec.loggedInUserInfo(field: 'username')} is an HTML encoded string. Spring security calls encodeAsHTML() before returning 'username' value. Visually they look the same but are they equal? Apparently not!

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