I have a chart.js bargraph inside self.autorun function that responds reactively to a dropdown selector. When I select a new entity from the dropdown and then hover over the values in the bargraph the y-axis jumps like this:

Meteor chart.js axis and value jumping when hovering over values

Dropdown code:

    "change #category-select": function (event) {
        var category = event.currentTarget.value;
        Session.set("chosenDairy", category)

Bargraph code:

    Template.Bothdaily.onRendered(function () {
    //look up mongodb values
    //do some calculations

    //Begin Chart.js bargraph   
    var options = {
        //bargraph options

    var data = {
        //bargraph data

    var ctxtwo = document.getElementById("myBothDaily").getContext("2d");
    var myBarBothDaily = new Chart(ctxtwo).Bar(data, options);


}); //onRendered

html code:

<template name="Bothdaily">
  <canvas id="myBothDaily" width="300" height="300"></canvas>

I suspect this is because both values are present in the bargraph. I thought this might be fixed with a Tracker.afterflush() function but no luck.

Can you suggest how I might remove the y-axis shift when hovering over my reactive chart.js bargraph?

  • jittery chart axis may be a problem with chart.js as judged by comments here: forums.meteor.com/t/… "The chart is still jittery on mouse over and shows incorrect data but not as schizophrenic as it was with my code" Jan 31, 2016 at 1:23

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Seems like a hovering issue with charts which is bringing back the data of old chart.

make myBarBothDaily variable global and bind it with the context of template and initialise it with null before the Tracker.autorun() block

this.myBarBothDaily = null

now inside autorun block, before instantiating your chart, destroy the data of previous chart by calling destroy() function of chart.js.

if(this.myBarBothDaily) {
this.myBarBothDaily = new Chart(ctxtwo).Bar(data, options);

this should fix your issue.

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