I upgraded my latest project to React Native 0.19 and instantly the video no longer works. How can I create a new project with a specific version? I want to init a new project at version 0.18.1. I did some google searches but couldn't find anything about this.

$ react-native init newproject --verbose

I'm guessing I need to add the word @18.1 in there somewhere but can't get that to work.

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    You could use the initialized project, delete the node_modules, then go into the package.json file and specify the version you want, and run npm insall again. – Nader Dabit Jan 31 '16 at 5:23
  • Ok thanks for your help. – Hasen Jan 31 '16 at 7:59
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    I would not recommend this approach as there could be changes to the native Xcode and Android projects which won't get applied if you only change the React Native version in package.json – Bataleon Jun 5 at 14:19

This should do the trick:

$ react-native init newproject --version react-native@0.18.1
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    @Polygon I agreed but it was added more than 1.5 years after my answer so I guess that's why it hasn't received as many upvotes. – Bataleon Jun 28 at 20:07
$ react-native init --version 0.56.0 projectname 
  • This only seems to work for a specific React Native version. To get a more general React Native version such as 0.59, I would have to use a pattern such as: --version react-native@0.59 - see stackoverflow.com/a/42039352/1283667 – brodybits Jul 7 at 19:08

Version and Template

Currently, I'm having problems with the 0.60.0 version so for doing this with version and typescript it goes like this:

react-native init ProjectName --version="0.59.9" --template="typescript"

This has 2 unwanted side effects:

  1. devDependencies will be the latest but the dependencies will be the chosen, this will work anyway after...
  2. You will get a react-native/libraries/NewAppScreen error, go to App.tsx and replace all of that for something simple like a <View style={{flex:1,backgroundColor:'orange'}}> so you can see it running

This seems to work.

react-native init --version="0.36.0" MyNewApp

Check the comment on this link :).


You can do it like this:

react-native init YourProjectName --version X.XX.X

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