I'm new in Web mapping, I need web map editor. I found the iD Editor but I couldn't configure it to my own osm server! I don't know how is it working with API and Oauth.

How to configure the iD editor in my server without Oauth and how to create API?



The openstreetmap-website documentation has a excellent tutorial of how to use an editor with the openstreetmap-api.

The example of the doc is using the Potlatch 2 editor, but you can do the same process for registering and configuring iD (id_key) and the website/Notes (oauth_key).

Do the following:

  • Log into your Rails Port instance - e.g. http://localhost:3000
  • Click on your user name to go to your user page
  • Click on "my settings" on the user page
  • Click on "oauth settings" on the My settings page
  • Click on 'Register your application'.
  • Unless you have set up alternatives, use Name: "Local iD" and URL: "http://localhost:3000"
  • Check the 'modify the map' box.
  • Everything else can be left with the default blank values.
  • Click the "Register" button
  • On the next page, copy the "consumer key"
  • Edit config/application.yml in your rails tree
  • Uncomment and change the "oauth_key" configuration value
  • Restart your rails server

An example excerpt from application.yml:

# Default editor
default_editor: "id"
# OAuth consumer key for iD
oauth_key: "8lFmZPsagHV4l3rkAHq0hWY5vV3Ctl3oEFY1aXth"

To use the iD editor you need to use OAuth authorization, otherwise, you can use the JOSM editor which you can choose a base authentication.

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    This was helpful, thanks! Note, the line from application.yml saying oauth_key: "8lFm... is mislabeled. The OAuth consumer key for iD should be id_key, not oauth_key. – krubo Nov 14 '18 at 3:26
# Default editor
default_editor: "id"
# OAuth consumer key for iD
oauth_key: "8lFmZPsagHV4l3rkAHq0hWY5vV3Ctl3oEFY1aXth"

to change:

# OAuth consumer key for iD
id_key: "8lFmZPsagHV4l3rkAHq0hWY5vV3Ctl3oEFY1aXth"

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