I have to keep an mongodb with tweets that match a given tag. Also, I have to keep it updated with the latest data of the tweet. And I need to create indexes as 'id_str'. An exception occurs when I run this code and do not know why. Just I know that there is a problem in the 'for'.

def getSearchTagTwitter(tag):

  db = connexMongoDB()
  t = loginTwython2()
  search = t.search(q=tag, count=100)
  data = search['statuses']
      for tweet in data:
  except Exception:
      print "Error tag"

I think the error is raised by ensureIndex as the syntax doesn't look quite right. The correct syntax is:


There is also no need to create the index in each iteration of the for loop, you can just declare it once and it will get automatically updated. Please note that ensureIndex is now deprecated, you should use create_index instead.

In addition your update statement does not look correct either and should be as follow:

 db.twittersearch.update_one({"id_str":"12344"}, tweet, upsert=True)

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