I will be starting a senior design project in a week with 2 or 3 other engineers. We are electrical engineers but we will need to do some coding for our project.

Right now, I think using Google Code + Visual Studio + AnkhSVN is a good solution on the code side. We also need to:

  • Maintain design documents
  • Have a smooth way of communicating

Would you recommend anything in particular beyond a central network storage, and e-mail?

Edit: We are not going to set up or configure anything. I would rather just pay for cheap (

  • I'd recommend using a DVCS, rather than SVN (no offense, SVN guys, it was great for its day!). Even on single-person projects I greatly appreciate the added flexibility. – Ken Nov 9 '10 at 2:22

Yes, a good wiki such as Atlassian's Confluence.


Wikipedia has a great list of Collaborative Software. I think a decent content management system would be essential for maintaining design documents (especially over plain network storage).


You might try Basecamp , the basic plan is enough for you already.

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