Selenium Webdriver for Internet Explorer 11 is not creating a new window handle when my app opens a new tab.

The problem is similar to this , which was a problem with the window handles disappearing in a fraction of a second, but in my case a new window handle isn't even created in the first place.

I used the test code from that link to check for disappearing window handles, but it never created another window handle when a new tab was opened, so the test only displayed the first console output and never the second part.

I tried using:


but the Selenium Webdriver focus stays on the first tab, because I believe it isn't creating a new handle for the new tab.

Also, tried this:


and that results in an "out of range" exception and "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection."

If I change the [1] to a [0], then obviously I do not get the exception because the focus is just set to the first tab.

Based on my testing with the test code in the link I provided and my own attempts, I believe that new window handles are not being created.

I tried resetting IE11 and then only changing the settings as described on Selenium's website including adding the registry key, which I used Helium's solution to that found here.

Also, I read some suggestions of adding the websites that I am opening to the Trusted sites list in IE, but still no go.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Having the same problem in a year after. WindowHandles contains only 1 value no matter how much tabs you have opened. But it will contain more values if you will open new windows. – Mardok Feb 28 '17 at 14:33

Here's a workaround I managed to use.

You can use javascript to open a new window. It will give you the handle.

string javaScript = "window.open('" + url + "','_blank', 'resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes, titlebar=yes, width=1280, height=680, top=10, left=10');";

jsExecutor = (IJavaScriptExecutor)ieDriver;

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