I have a link from anther website that I do not have control of http://example.com/one two three.exe

The correct URL is http://example.com/one_two_three.exe

Note the underscores instead of spaces.

I searched the internet and found this code snippet for .htaccess

# Redirect old file path to new file path
Redirect /one%20two%20three.exe http://example.com/one_two_three.exe

I added this snippet to my preexisting root .htaccess at the top of the file.
But it does not seem to work. My browser does not redirect and I get a 404 error page.

I believe that it has something to do with the spaces in the original URL but I don't know how to handle spaces in the URL.


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You could try a couple of things (both untested)

Redirect "/one two three.exe" http://example.com/one_two_three.exe

or use RewriteRule instead of Redirect:

RewriteRule /one\ two\ three.exe http://example.com/one_two_three.exe
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    Second one worked for me. I needed to redirect to an URL with a space in it "\ " works perfect!
    – Gijs P
    Mar 7, 2013 at 16:15

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