I'm looking for a simple way to draw 3D text on QGLWidget without using FTGL, FreeType, "render to texture" or framebuffer objects, i.e. using documented Qt 4 functions only, no additional libraries.


P.S. "3D text" means that letters are flat and have zero thickness, but can be rotated in 3D space. Think about "Star wars opening crawl" - flat letters positioned in 3D space. ALso, I already to know that I can write my text rendering class that would render glyphs onto texture, etc. I'm looking for simple a way to do the same thing using standard Qt 4 functions. For example, QPainter probably have access to all required data internally.


Found something.


QPainterPath path;
QFont font("Arial", 40);
path.addText(QPointF(0, 0), QFont("Arial", 40), QString(tr("This is a test")));
QList<QPolygonF> poly = path.toSubpathPolygons();
for (QList<QPolygonF>::iterator i = poly.begin(); i != poly.end(); i++){
    for (QPolygonF::iterator p = (*i).begin(); p != i->end(); p++)
        glVertex3f(p->rx()*0.1f, -p->ry()*0.1f, 0);

But it looks like I'll still need a 2D triangulator.

So far I have found no other way to render 3D text using Qt only, and no triangulation routines in library. I'm assuming that this functionality isn't implemented in Qt yet.

  • This works fine. Do you know how to fill the text polygones? I tried different approaches with GL_TRIANGLES and GL_POLYGON without success.
    – StephanH
    Dec 29 '19 at 16:01

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