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What is the best way to convert stdClass Object into SimpleXMLElement Object in PHP?

I want to convert stdClass object to simpleXMLElement Object. Screen shot is attached. I am using the following code to separate products by categories but it is not working.

  for($x=0;$x < count($xml->product); $x++)
      if( preg_match("#Groceries > ([ a-zA-Z0-9]+) >#i",$xml->product[$x]->category,$match) )
        $match[1] = str_replace(" ", "" , strtolower($match[1]) );
        if($match[1] == "baby"){
            $baby->product[$x] = $xml->product[$x];

  print "<pre>";
  print "</pre>";

  // Save XML file does not work
  print "Baby.xml file has been created";

SimpleXMLElement Object stdClass Object

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