Is it possible to manually define additional methods for an existing class?

My specific usecase is bluebird's promisifyAll() which:

Promisifies the entire object by going through the object's properties and creating an async equivalent of each function on the object and its prototype chain… http://bluebirdjs.com/docs/api/promise.promisifyall.html

Obviously, flow wouldn't be able to figure this out automatically. So, I'm willing to help it. The question is HOW?

Consider the following code

import http from 'http'
import { promisifyAll } from 'bluebird'


const server = http.createServer(() => { console.log('request is in'); })
server.listenAsync(8080).then(() => {
  console.log('Server is ready to handle connections')

Flow gives the following error here:

property `listenAsync`. Property not found in

There wouldn't be any error if I used listen. flow's smart enough to see that this is a real method defined in a module. But listenAsync is a dynamic addition by promisifyAll and is invisible to flow


That's not possible and that would not be really safe to do. Here is something you can do for your case:

first declare bluebird as following:

declare module "bluebird" {
  declare function promisifyAll(arg: any): any

Then do this:

import httpNode from 'http'
import { promisifyAll } from 'bluebird'
import type { Server } from 'http'

type PromisifiedServer = Server & {
  listenAsync(port: number, hostname?: string, backlog?: number): Promise<PromisifiedServer>;

type PromisifiedHttp = {
  createServer(listener: Function): PromisifiedServer;

const http: PromisifiedHttp = promisifyAll(httpNode)

Here we manually cast http to type PromisifiedHttp. We still have to declare all promisifed types manually, although we can use type intersection to extends existing types.

  • thanks. this one is not perfect, as it requires code change. minor change, but still. and it means that code would have to be changed for other dynamic cases too. I understand "would not really be safe" part, but it's not realistic as in both cases compiler can not infer data from code and trusts me to write the correct definition. – JimiDini Feb 4 '16 at 16:24
  • in general it's not possible to express some dynamic patterns in flow. You have to isolate too dynamic parts from flow and provide appropriate declarations for typed parts – vkurchatkin Feb 5 '16 at 13:14
  • It would lessen the curve dramatically if flow had a mechanism for doing things like prototype extension in an "unsafe" way. For instance, if I use a library like should.js or chai, I should be able to create an interface in libs that extends Object's prototype with the 'should' function. If this could not be done in a type safe way, allow the consumer to disable static analysis on those code paths that use it instead of throwing errors. – cchamberlain Sep 4 '16 at 17:33

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