I have a two part question:

  • first is that can anyone please tell me the command lines to execute in docker to start building a container and vm?
  • second is i have already built a VM using docker but the problem is whenever the building of VM reaches the stage where it written WAITING FOR VM TO BOOT it's stuck there and the error of HYPERVISOR IS NOT RUNNING comes even when the HYPER-V MACHINE MANAGEMENT is on automatic and running.
    So please, help me get rid of this problem.

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To create a VM which will run docker, use docker-machine: copy docker-machine-Windows-x86_64.exe as docker-machine.exe anywhere you want.

docker-machine create -d virtualbox
docker-machine start

But Make sure you have removed the Windows feature HyperV, as it is not compatible with VirtualBox/VMWare.
Or use the Hyper-V driver. You have to chose one or the other.

See "Getting Docker running on Windows 10"

as it turns out, HyperV and VirtualBox will not run together side-by-side in 64 bit modes. And Scott's blog post about rebooting to a hypervisorlaunchtype off mode of Windows 8.1 worked flawlessly for Windows 10.
So I didn't have to un-install the HyperV feature, but as it turns out, I did have to disable HyperV

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