I have an instance of IBM Graph I need to write data and query it from multiple applications. Do I need to bind my apps to my instance or do I need to create a separate instance for each app? Ideally, I'd like to share my data between all of my applications


Yes, you can share your instance between all of your applications. You don't need to bind your app to the instance, but you can if you want. When you instantiate an IBM Graph instance you get back a set of credentials and a url similar to this

{ "credentials": { "apiURL": "https://graphrestify-alpha.ng.bluemix.net/2208V...348/g", "username": "a530...dba", "password": "ab7c...327" } } Your app(s) will be using the apiURL together with the username:password combination to issue queries against the service. For example, one application can send a /vertices request to create a vertex and another application can be doing a /gremlin request (gremlin query) to the same graph at the same time. Both applications can be both producers and consumers of data.

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