So I am trying to send data to my Arduino through a HC-05 Bluetooth Chip. I'm using Ruby, and so far, I get the error shown below. Any idea why? I'm using Windows 10

My arduino is on COM3 (USB) and the bluetooth chip is on COM37

Error 1

in `create': Permission denied - \\.\COM37 (Errno::EACCES)

If I try it again I get this error:

Error 2

in `create': Invalid argument - \\.\COM37 (Errno::EINVAL)

Ruby Code

require 'serialport'
puts "What COM Port?"
comport = gets.chomp
comport = comport.to_i
comport = comport -1
sp =  SerialPort.new(comport,9600)
while 1
  puts "What message do you want to send?"
  write = gets.chomp
  if write == "exit"
  sp.write write

Arduino Code

#include <Motor.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

Motor m8(8);
SoftwareSerial Bluetooth(12, 13); //12-TX 13-RX
// Declare a new 'char' or "character" that we will use to store the keyboard
// input sent to the bluetooth chip
char input;
boolean stop = false;
void setup() {

void loop() {
  // If there is input available on the bluetooth chip (that is, we sent a    character
  // to the chip from the computer)...
  if (Bluetooth.available()) {
    // Read the first available character from the bluetooth chip and store it in the
    // 'input' variable
    input = Bluetooth.read();
    if (input == 'w') {
      stop != stop;
    if (input == 'd') {
    if (input == 'a') {
  if (stop != true) {

If I try to connect to my arduino using COM3 and USB, I don't get an error and it successfully sends data the the arduino.

Thanks in advance!

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