Just started trying to get serious with vim. The big thing everyone raves about with vim is "you can configure everything!" and I do like tweaking little things about my environment. One of the first things that bugged me was the tildes(~) on the left hand side of the screen for empty lines. I'd like to change these to dashes(-), but I can't for the life of me figure out how?

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    There is a lot in Vim that is not configurable. You will be much happier if you adapt to Vim's expectations, than trying to make Vim adapt to yours. – Amadan Feb 4 '16 at 2:04
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    Although I'm rather surprised that this is not configurable when there's fillchars and showbreak etc.. – Yosh Feb 5 '16 at 15:37

Unfortunately, not possible to change ~ to any other character.

If ~ is bugging you, you might like to hide it by NonText highlight group that is used for displaying them by setting foreground color same with background color:

:highlight NonText ctermfg=bg guifg=bg

Unfortunately, this too has repercussions, see :h list for a example.

Coming back, It seems to me best to adapt to the tiny ~, Some think, it is beautiful :)

P.S. Based on Josh's finding, Have opened a issue #4181 at neovim repo


The ~ is hard-coded. If you're willing to rebuild vim from source, you could probably do it by modifying the win_draw_end call that exists at the end of the (rather epic) win_update function in screen.c. It is, specifically, on line 2142 as of this writing.

(Since rebuilding from source is a bit extreme, Deleisha's suggestion of "hiding" the ~ via appropriate syntax highlighting is probably far better for the typical user.)

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    @Deleisha It seems like it might be simple enough to offer a patch to make this tweakable, although that implies to me that there's a reason it hasn't been done yet. I'll dig around. – user197015 Feb 4 '16 at 17:51

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