I installed root. If I use in terminal, on mac: "source /Users/student/Downloads/root-6.04.14/bin/thisroot.sh" and then "root", the program works fine. But in a tutorial I watch they say that I can write "source /Users/student/Downloads/root-6.04.14/bin/thisroot.sh" in ~/.bashrc. And then I can just type "root" and it should work directly regardless the directory I am in. But it doesn't work. What is the problem?


I'm not sure what is the equivalent directory in mac, but for example, I'm using Ubuntu.

I have:

 chmod +x test.sh (to make it executable)

then, move it to /bin/ directory Update ~/.bashrc file, put the code at the bottom part"

export PATH=$PATH:~/bin

Finally, you can run test.sh in any directory you're in.

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