i have a classical y_train which is composed of 0 (negative) and 1 (positive) in a one dimensionnal shape. I wanted to train a tensorflow model but i have to initialize the y placeholder with the number of classes i want. So in this text classification case, i want the model to check negative or positive value so 2 classes ? But how did i convert my y_train to fit the output that i'm looking for. Thanks for your time!

"ValueError: Cannot feed value of shape (25000, 1) for Tensor u'Placeholder_5:0', which has shape (Dimension(None), Dimension(2))"
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It appears your y_train contains the label values themselves, whereas the y_train needed by the model requires label probabilities. In your case, since there are only two labels, you can convert that to label probabilities as follows :

y_train = tf.concat(1, [1 - y_train, y_train])

If you have more labels, have a look at sparse_to_dense to convert them to probabilities.

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