I have an orange line in my Github 'Open pull request' page. The file itself is a rake file and the line(5) is blank. What does the orange line mean? Why is it there? Is this something I need to address?

Image of Github file changes with orange line


It's just line highlighting, click on the line number 5 and it will disappear.

Your url should also be ending with #L5. This is mainly for url sharing purposes.

In this case you probably misclicked it yourself.

  • I'll admit to being embarrassed to upvote the question and answer (I did) because that's a tacit admission that I wondered the same thing =P – Oded Aug 3 '19 at 0:07

The orange line means that it was highlighted. Check the URL of the Pull Request link you are clicking to see if there is something like #L5 at the end. It is nothing to worry about.


The accepted answer is correct, but I must correct riwu because clicking on the line number does not make the highlighting go away. To do that you must physically remove L/R{{lineNumber}} from the URL.

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