I'm looking for a clean way of posting an XML message over a queue. Currently we have to inspect the XML encoding declaration and make sure to set the MQMD.ccsid accordingly (utf-8 = 1208). We also set the MQMD.format to MQFMT_NONE.

This appears to be fine, however some consumers are doing MQGET with MQGMO_CONVERT and that destroys the UTF-8 encoding.

They should not be calling the convert option when consuming non-text messages. But they are dealing with mixed text+non-text on the same queue.

I would like to use the special CCSID MQCCSI_EMBEDDED which states that the encoding information is found inside the message, exactly what XML does.

Unfortunately, setting the CCSID on MQPUT to that value defaults to the QMGR's ccsid.

See: CCSID documentation


If you set the MD.Format to MQFMT_NONE when your application puts a message to a queue then the "get with convert" by the receiving application does NOT perform a convert.

Either you set MD.Format to MQFMT_STRING or the receiving application messed up.

Also, you do know that if you read a message into a String buffer in Java that the JVM will convert it to the encoding that the JVM is running under.

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