I am trying to get a plotly graph with a filled area that is semi-transparent purple. I can find the rgb designation fine and get it to work in a simple plot. But it seems that plotly doesn't read in rgb's the usual way?

# plots squares that are transparent purple (expected)

plot with purple squares

# plots area that is transparent mint green (What? I expected purple)

plot with green fill


According to the plotly website, the full list of rgb / hex available is found here (http://reeddesign.co.uk/test/namedcolors.html). So for your example, you would need to use fillcolor="#8a2be2". Alternatively, you can also use something like this fillcolor="rgba(147,112,219,0.1) with the last digit being the alpha (opacity)

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    Figured it out myself. R reads "#A020F066" as color A020F0 and transparency (in hex) 66. So last 2 digits control opacity. Plotly reads the A0 as the transparency part and the last 6 digits as the color. Opacity last in general R, Opacity first in plotly. Using this trick I can get my plot to reproduce the mint green or the plotly to be the transparent purple I want. – user311020193 Feb 5 '16 at 13:26

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