Given the following:

  • setting IsTabStop to false on a ContentControl will not prevent its content from acting as a tab-stop
  • setting IsTabStop to true will result in an invisible tab-stop, which does nothing, in your application

I have the following two questions:

  1. Why is IsTabStop true by default for the ContentControl
  2. Why would I ever want the ControlControl to act as a tab-stop?

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Douglas is correct ContentControl simply inherits the default value of IsTabStop from Control. Also there is no good reason to assume that the value of true is less valid for a ContentControl than it is for Control.

For example, you might have a control that expects its content be something graphical such a set of Shape elements or an Image. However your control may perform certain operations on the content when the user presses specific keys.


The ContentControl gets it's IsTabStop property from Control, so all controls can be tab stops, including ContentControls.

I'm not sure why it is true by default for a ContentControl though, probably just because it defaults to true in Control.

  • This mirrors my own thoughts for in respect of question 1. I guess the answer to question 2 might just be that the ability to set the ContentControl as a tabstop is a side effect of it inheriting from Control. Aug 19, 2010 at 14:05

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