I've read the MSDN Article about Solution User Options files

The solution user options file is used to store user preference settings, and is created automatically when Visual Studio saves a solution.

But what sort of settings or information is considered a "user preference setting"? I have a weird issue with one of my Solution files I've received from another company and the only fix seems to be periodically deleting the *.suo whenever the problem occurs. Can't figure out what sort of information is actually stored there though. I know it's nothing important, but I'd still like to know and I cannot seem to find the answer.


Basically the suo file(i.e., Solution User Options) contains the information related to to a user level customization like breakpoints, bookmarks, Outlining, debugger watches etc.

Also note that if you delete the suo file then Visual Studio will create a new one.

  • Thanks. Are these just things you've noticed in your own experience, or is this actually written somewhere? I couldn't find any hard documentation, just a matter of myself noticing things when I delete the file. I'll accept your answer in a little bit, want to see if anyone else has anything else to say first. – sab669 Feb 5 '16 at 15:28
  • I'd like a definitive answer on this too, but have yet to find one – userSteve Jun 28 '16 at 18:52

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