I have an Angular form that is parsing some JSON data.
I'm rendering using ng-repeat. However, I'm having an issue in that the form never becomes valid when a radio button in each group is selected.

I suspect the issue lies with the ng-model in each input, but I can't seem to figure out the correct way to dynamically create an ng-model inside an ng-repeat.

Form block code:

<form name="posttestForm">
  <alert ng-repeat="alert in alerts" 
         type="{{alert.type}}" close="closeAlert($index)">{{alert.msg}}</alert>
  <div class="well question-well" ng-repeat="question in questions">
      <li ng-repeat="answers in question.answers">
        <input ng-model="Q[question.id]" 
               type="radio" name="Q{{question.id}}" value="{{answers.id}}" 
               required="" data-key="{{answers.isCorrect}}" />{{answers.answer}}
  <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" ng-click="EvaluatePosttest(3)" 
    Submit Questions</button>

Here's a Plunkr that shows the dynamic code and demonstrates the form never turning valid when a radio button in each group is selected.


And here's a Plunkr using static content displaying it working.



Just add this in your javascript controller

$scope.Q = [undefined,undefined,undefined,undefined,undefined,undefined];

Explanation : you set ng-model as Q[question.id] but Q is undefined so the ng-model won't ever work. You always must initialize variable in the controller. The only case it works not initialize is when you do : ng-model="test"

if you do


It won't ever work if it's not initialized properly.


You can do a custom form validation inside your controller. In your case:

$scope.Q = [];
$scope.$watch('Q', function (Q) {
    $scope.posttestForm.$setValidity('count', Q.length >= $scope.questions.length);
}, true);

Inside that, you can do whatever validation you want.

Here's the working plunkr: http://plnkr.co/edit/7Ww4fjJzkDjifPaZ2QtG?p=preview

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