In Sitecore 8.0, I have a user who doesn't have "Insert External Link, Insert Media Link, etc." when updating a General Link field. She just sees a text field to enter a link.

I looked in the Core database with Access Viewer and her user account has Read access to all the items under "System > Field Types > Link Types > General Link < Menu"

Any idea why this is so? I can see the options fine under my admin-level account.


Recently i faced similar issue, when "non-admin" user can't see any buttons on link field, It turned out the the item template was using the deprecated "Link" field type instead of "General Link", That could be the cause of the issue.

  • This was it. The particular item template was using the Link field. Corrected this and now the non admin user can see the buttons. Thanks! – eat-sleep-code Feb 8 '16 at 15:31

Sounds like the user has ticked the Raw Values checkbox in the View ribbon.

enter image description here

Make sure that field is not ticked and the options should appear again.

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