I'm gonna say this right away: I have no idea what I'm doing here. I am not a mac developer.

Here's the scenario: I have an installer (.pkg) that my boss wants me to sign. I have a certificate, issued by Thawte; which I've imported into the keychain program (and set it to be trusted for everything). In package maker, under the configuration tab, there is a label that says "Certificate", and directly next to it another that reads "not supported". Well, great.

So, codesign; says it can't sign .pkgs, but can sign .dmgs... but I have to give it an identifier string so it can pull my certificate from the keychain. But I see in no place a field called "identity" or "identifier" or anything of the like when scouring the keychain program.

I feel really dumb about this; I've been at this for a few hours, google has yielded a number of useful things, but none of them explain where I find the "identifier" string :P

Any help would be much appreciated.


The identifier is the "Common Name" from your certificate. Please refer to OS X code signing or Apple's Code Signing In Dept

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  • Awesome! I see what my problem is now. Thanks =) – Lunpa Aug 19 '10 at 16:11

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