I have been looking for a way to use mysql connection string to create a pool rather than using the credentials, this is so I can use the connection string from azure application settings, but so far could not find a solution.

I can create a pool this way:

pool = mysql.createPool({
    connectionLimit: 20,
    host: HOST,
    user: USER,
    password: PASSWORD,
    database: DATABASE,
    debug: false

But what I want to achieve is something like this:

pool = mysql.createPool(process.env.MYSQLCONNSTR_connectionstring);

I am using the module felixge/node-mysql.


I was trying with the connection string provided by azure mysql db which was in the format:

Database=DATABASE;Data Source=HOST;User Id=USERID;Password=PASSWORD

But it turns out this format was not supported and it worked when I used this:


Based on the source of node-mysql, unfortunately there is no way to create a pool with connection string.

Ref: PoolConfig.js

I think you should parse the connection string, there are every necessary information in it.

For example:

let connectionString = 'mysql://user:pass@host/db?debug=true&charset=BIG5_CHINESE_CI&timezone=-0700';

// remove mysql://
connectionString = connectionString.substring(8, connectionString.length)

// Get user and password
let userAndPassw = connectionString.split('@')[0];
let user = userAndPassw.split(':')[0];
let password = userAndPassw.split(':')[1];

// Host
let host = connectionString.split('@')[1];
host = host.split('?')[0];
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I was too thinking of doing that but it turns out it was possible to create a pool with connection string, but the format was different than that with which I had tried. – war1oc Feb 7 '16 at 3:23

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