I am printing large numbers in Jekyll (powered by Liquid), which by default does not perform any sort of formatting. I'd like to print integers with separator characters, e.g. render 12000 as 12,000.

I've looked for a filtering option in Liquid that supports this to no avail. Do I need to write my own extension/filter and do this myself?

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    There is a way of doing that with javascript, documented here. Apparently, there's no default filter to doing that from Liquid itself, but you can try adding a custom filter. There are some money filters which can be useful if that is the case. Feb 7, 2016 at 3:44

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It does not look like there is a built-in filter to do this, and as "Virtua Creative" mentioned in a comment Shopify provides a JavaScript library for doing locale-specific number formatting. (Which makes sense, since the Jekyll code is generated with zero context of the environment where it will be read.)

So creating a plug-in is your best bet. However, it appears that a plug-in already exists to do this (and other basic types of filtering). See:


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