I am thinking about creating an OAuth library in LabVIEW, but for testing this during development I would like to use some test server, without overloading an existing service that has real users.

Is there such a server or is there an easy server application (Linux or Windows) that I can run myself?

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http://term.ie/oauth/example/index.php is a live example of the php code found in http://oauth.googlecode.com/svn/code/php/example/.

The endpoints are: http://term.ie/oauth/example/request_token.php http://term.ie/oauth/example/access_token.php http://term.ie/oauth/example/echo_api.php

The consumer key and secret are:

  • Consumer Key: key
  • Consumer Secret: secret

The tokens returned are:

  • Request token: requestkey
  • Request secret: requestsecret


  • Access token: accesskey
  • Access secret: accesssecret

I tested it with it's own client code at http://term.ie/oauth/example/client.php and it worked with HMAC and PLAINTEXT signature methods.

RSA signature would require the public and private keys used in the test server found here:


For a quick and dirty test this'll probably work, if you're worried about using someone elses server, it should be fairly easy to deploy the code from http://oauth.googlecode.com/svn/code/php/ locally or on a server you have access to that is running php.


you can try OAuth.io and their open source daemon oauthd on Github : https://github.com/oauth-io/oauthd


You can try ApiFest OAuth 2.0 Server (https://github.com/apifest/apifest-oauth20). Follow the steps described to start the server. Enjoy!

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