I'm trying to get meteor reset to work in vagrant box. However I kept getting errors. This is my error message:

/home/vagrant/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/. throw(ex); ^ Error: EBUSY, rmdir '/vagrant/foosboom-meteor/.meteor/local' at Object.Future.wait (/home/vagrant/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/. at Object.rm_recursive (/tools/fs/files.js:270:9) at Command.main.registerCommand.name [as func] (/tools/cli/commands.js:1211:9) at /tools/cli/main.js:1378:23

I'm using hashicorp Otto as my development environment.

I have performed a mount on the local folder as suggested by one of the user here.

Any idea what seems to be the problem? Thanks.


After mounting you can't reset your mongo so do this

 sudo umount -f /vagrant/foosboom-meteor/.meteor/local

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