I'am using a Banana Pi Pro with Bananian OS, which is a Debian 8 installation, using armhf packages. Trying to synchronise my iPod classic 6g with Rhythmbox fails.

I've installed a xfce desktop environment

apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-power-manager hicolor-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme 
apt-get install lightdm
apt-get install xorg
apt-get install usbmount 

and Rhythmbox

apt-get install rhythmbox
apt-get install rhythmbox-plugins

The iPod plugin is activated, but my iPod is not recognized by Rhythmbox. Using gtkpod the iPod is recognized and all songs with ratings and playcounts are listed (the internal player is not able to play music from the iPod, but that's another issue I think and should not be related to Rhythmbox).

On my Ubuntu 14.04 machine the iPod works out of the box with Rhythmbox. So it should work in principle.

Did I miss any packages to install?

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