We have installed an integration of our SVN repository with a bug tracker. The bug tracker is called from the post-commit hook to get information about the tickets closed in a commit. Since we have been using the bug tracker for a lot of commits, we would like to rerun (on the server?) the post-commit hook for all commits in our repository. Is there a convenient way?

The bug tracker (FogBugz) does not allow for scanning.

The SVN repository is on a Linux instance with restricted tools (bash, some perl).


Easy way, will cost you one additional repository and some space

  • Create full dump of repository (svnadmin help dump)
  • Create new empty repository with needed post-commit hook defined
  • load dump from step 1 into repository-skeleton (svnadmin help load) with --use-post-commit-hook option for applying hook and --force-uuid (needed later)
  • Delete tree of original repo and copy loaded repository at the location of original (at the same place and with the same UUID this repository will be old repository for all SVN-clients without switch|relocate)
  • "Delete tree of original repo and copy loaded repository" sounds dangerous... – Christopher Oezbek Feb 8 '16 at 10:17

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