I get a warning when building my android project that "createPrintDocumentAdapter" has been deprecated. It is a method on WebView.

I have been looking but have been unable to find what the intended replacement is. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks, Jason

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Per the Javadoc for createPrintDocumentAdapter():

This method was deprecated in API level 21.

Use createPrintDocumentAdapter(String) which requires user to provide a print document name.

Therefore if you need to support < API 21, continue to use the current method, but on API 21+ devices, use createPrintDocumentAdapter(String)


Based on the accepted answer and the official example:

private static void createWebPrintJob(Context context, WebView webView) {

    // Get a PrintManager instance
    PrintManager printManager = (PrintManager) context.getSystemService(Context.PRINT_SERVICE);

    String jobName = context.getString(R.string.app_name) + " Document";

    // Get a print adapter instance
    PrintDocumentAdapter printAdapter;
    if (android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.LOLLIPOP) {
        printAdapter = webView.createPrintDocumentAdapter(jobName);
    else {
        printAdapter = webView.createPrintDocumentAdapter();

    // Create a print job with name and adapter instance

    PrintJob printJob = printManager.print(jobName, printAdapter,
            new PrintAttributes.Builder().build());

    // Save the job object for later status checking

  • mPrintJobs what's that?
    – Aks4125
    Dec 27, 2017 at 6:25
  • @Aks4125 add this : List<PrintJob> mPrintJobs = printManager.getPrintJobs();
    – Arbaz Alam
    Jan 20, 2018 at 11:42
  • @ArbazAlam Actually, mine is just private static ArrayList<PrintJob> mPrintJobs = new ArrayList<>(); Jan 23, 2018 at 19:02
  • Why do we need the check for SDK_INT >= LOLLIPOP? I guess when we compile with an SDK newer than LOLLIPOP and run it on a device with LOLLIPOP or older, the jobName is just ignored? Am I wrong? Oct 17, 2019 at 7:09

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