I have an inherited QTreeWidget (called PackList) class and its parent is a KXmlGuiWindow. How can I access to the parent's slots?

I've tried getParent()->mySlot() from the QTreeWidget class but I've got

error: no matching function for call to 'PackList::mySlot()'

Does anybody know the correct way? Thanks


If you know the parent's class, you will have to cast parentWidget() to that class and then call your slot. Keep in mind whether or not it's a slot makes no difference in this case. You are just calling a method.


You can make the call without casting by wiring up your signal to the slot.

connect( this, SIGNAL(mySignal()), parentWidget(), SLOT(mySlot()) );

Lastly, you can use QMetaObject::invokeMethod to call it if you don't want to cast it. That's probably overkill.

  • This is the correct way to do it. I have used it without typecast parentWidget())->setEnabled(); and I override the parent's setEnabled function. And then, my modification did not work. well, I realized later that this is so silly mistake, but I think it can be a point many fellows may waste their time. anyway; DO NOT FORGET THE TYPECAST. – MeM Oct 14 '15 at 9:43

I'm not sure I fully understand your question.

However, you can access the parent widget of a widget with parentWidget().

Then, you should be able to call any public slot :

  • solved connecting the event in the parent instead than the packList – Giancarlo Dec 9 '08 at 14:33

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