How can I get the click event of a save button in Ckeditor?

<form method="post" action="insert.php" class="formSubmit">
     <textarea name="editorAbout" id="editorAbout" rows="10" cols="80">

                var roxyFileman = 'fileman/index.html'; 
                 CKEDITOR.replace( 'editorAbout',{filebrowserBrowseUrl:roxyFileman,
                            removeDialogTabs: 'link:upload;image:upload'}); 

Save button in CKEditor triggers submit event in parent FORM. So in this case you can catch this with this code:

$('.formSubmit').submit(function () {
        alert('Save button click');

Or if you need really catch save button click, you must do it via finding element of it.

$('.formSubmit .cke_button__save').click(function() {
        alert('Save button click');

I hope it helped you.

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