Are there any roles to manage or create multiple wikis? I have checked Manual:Wiki family and understand the normal way of creating multiple wiki in a MediaWiki.


I'd like to share what I got in addition to the manual.

Beside of multiple domains/subdomain you can get also multiple path for multiple wikis. Each will stand with different configuration setup by adding the action path at the end line on each of your setting files as shown:

# End of automatically generated settings.
# Add more configuration options below.

$wgArticlePath = "/map/$1";

$actions = array( 'edit', 'watch', 'unwatch', 'delete','revert', 'rollback',
  'protect', 'unprotect', 'markpatrolled', 'render', 'submit', 'history', 
  'purge', 'info' );

foreach ( $actions as $action ) {
  $wgActionPaths[$action] = "$wgArticlePath/$action";

$wgActionPaths['view'] = "$wgArticlePath";

Change the map variable to your path on each of the setting files then place them under the folders named exactly follow to your path.

So you can modify the code in the LocalSettings.php similar as below:

// Include common settings to all wikis before this line (eg. database configuration)

    $paths = explode('/' , $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
    if($paths[2] === NULL) {$path = 'map';} else {$path = $paths[1];} 

    switch ( $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ) {

        case 'wiki.tophyips.info':
                require_once "settings/$path/tophyips.php";

        case 'wiki.hyipscript.info':
                require_once "settings/$path/hyipscript.php";

        case 'wiki.hyipmonitors.info':
                require_once "settings/$path/hyipmonitors.php";

                header( 'HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found' );
                echo 'This wiki is not available. Check configuration.';
                exit( 0 );


Change the map variable on $path = 'map'; to one of your default path of your choice from all the paths you put on the setting files above.

You may check the result of the configuration above on my wiki family page.

  • Yes, that is the normal solution in LocalSettings.php. – henoc Feb 17 '16 at 6:24
  • Nope. If you consider multiple path as Multi Path Installation (MW_INSTALL_PATH) then it is normal in LocalSettings.php. – Chetabahana Feb 17 '16 at 7:21

The mediawiki::wiki module is used for creating wikis. Some roles that use it are commons and private (there are surely more). If you just want to create a wiki without any extra configuration, you can just write mediawiki::wiki{<wikiname>:} and put it in puppet/modules/role/manifests/my_role.pp (inside a role block - see other role files for the format) and then you can enable/disable via vagrant roles.

  • Thank you, I found it! – henoc Feb 17 '16 at 6:20

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