maybe it's very simple, but how to change the culture in code behind to allow the wpflocalizeextension to show the desired resource?

I tried to change the application culture, but it did nothing!!


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In order to change the current culture at runtime you use the following two statements. With SetCurrentThreadCulture, also the culture of the current thread is updated.

WPFLocalizeExtension.Engine.LocalizeDictionary.Instance.SetCurrentThreadCulture = true;
WPFLocalizeExtension.Engine.LocalizeDictionary.Instance.Culture = new CultureInfo("en");

To get a list of available CultureInfo objects, you can use


Try something like this?

CultureInfo.DefaultThreadCurrentCulture = new CultureInfo("en-US");
CultureInfo.DefaultThreadCurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo("en-US");
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    This does not work when using WPFLocalizationExtension. The language does not get updated.
    – M.E.
    Feb 9, 2016 at 12:38

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