I use FileAlterationMonitor from Apache and I would like to know when it is done initializing. I call


which starts a new thread and my program moves on, before fileAlterationMonitor is done initializing. I would like to wait for the initialization to complete, but I cannot find a way to check when it is done.

I can sleep for a while, but how long to wait will vary based on speed of the computer.

I have looked at CountDownLatch and that seems simple enough in my own code, but how do I use it on FileAlterationMonitor? It cannot be extend it as it is final.

Is there a better solution than waiting "long enough"?


you can use CountDownLatch and add FileAlterationObserver which would count the latch on #initialize() to the tail of observers.

this might be implemented like following:


        FileAlterationMonitor monitor = new FileAlterationMonitor();
        Iterator<FileAlterationObserver> iterator = monitor.getObservers().iterator();

        FileAlterationObserver last = null;
        while (iterator.hasNext()) {
            last = iterator.next();

        final CountDownLatch cdl = new CountDownLatch(1);

        monitor.addObserver(new FileAlterationObserver(last.getDirectory(), last.getFileFilter()) {

            public void initialize() throws Exception {

        try {
            // wait until last observer would be initialized
        } catch (InterruptedException e) {
        } catch (Exception e) {

  • I don't quite understand, could you give an example.
    – korsgaard
    Feb 9 '16 at 12:02

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