When i run this LibGdx code on IntelliJ using The DesktopLaucher its fine. But when i run it into my Android via USB the app crash.

public class GraphicInterface extends ApplicationAdapter {
private Stage Graphs;
    Camera screen = new OrthographicCamera();
    public Skin skin;

    public void create () {
        skin = new Skin(Gdx.files.internal("uiskin.json"));
        Graphs = new Stage(new ScreenViewport());

        final TextButton button1 = new TextButton("Click me", skin,"default");

        final Dialog texto = new Dialog("Click Message", skin);

        button1.addListener(new ClickListener(){
            public void clicked(InputEvent event, float x, float y){
                Timer.schedule(new Timer.Task(){
                            public void run() {


    public void render () {

I Also have an Json file added:

    com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g2d.BitmapFont: {
        default-font: {
            file: Razer.fnt
    com.badlogic.gdx.scenes.scene2d.ui.TextButton$TextButtonStyle: {
        default: {
            down: default-round-down,
            up: default-round,
            font: default-font
    com.badlogic.gdx.scenes.scene2d.ui.Window$WindowStyle: {
        default: {
            titleFont: default-font

I took that last part from The Libgdx(GitHub ´i think´) and a tutorial

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    Can you post the crash details? – TheoKanning Feb 9 '16 at 17:40
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    That isn't JSON... – cricket_007 Feb 9 '16 at 17:42
  • To see if a JSON is valid use JSONLint, and you'll see this JSON is not correct. – Skizo-ozᴉʞS Feb 9 '16 at 17:58
  • ´cricket_007´ : I said that i have a Json file not that was written in json xD && ´TheoKanning´ : Sorry but there were no "Errors" displayed, when i open it the app just closes after saying that (Stopped Responding) an then i just click ok on android. – user5895975 Feb 9 '16 at 18:05
  • Yes, the device says "stopped responding", but that is the message for any app that crashes there this is something called a logcat that is generated containing the reason for the crash – cricket_007 Feb 9 '16 at 18:16

I found out, I downloaded the files uiskin.png and uiskin.atlas from libgdx-master.zip


Looks like the android version need some more components to run that app!

Hopefully this will work as well for other people. -Sry for my newbieness :)

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