I read through:


But I am still having an issue with:

  1. Creating My IOS Application Build
  2. Uploading the Build to ItunesConnect

I understand how to upload the build using Xcode or Application Loader, but I am not exactly sure how to create the IOS Application Build.

I am probably missing something simple. Any thoughts?


Presanity Checks:

  • Make sure that you have built to an IOS Device
  • Xcode > Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme > Build (Make sure Archive is checked)

Step 1:

Xcode > Product > Archive

Step 2:

Xcode > Window > Organizer

Step 3:

Look for and Click "Upload to App Store" Button in the Organizer

  • If the "Upload" or "Validate" buttons are disabled, it means that you are trying to build a generic archive.
  • Please check out this link:


  • Answers to iOS deployment questions are the kinds of things that leave me with more questions. What does it mean to build to an iOS device? What is a generic archive and how do I not make one? – mienaikoe Mar 29 '17 at 2:00

Also, make sure that you have:

  1. Signed into the correct Apple ID (Paid Apple Developer Account) under Xcode > Preferences

  2. Make sure that you built the application using the paid provisioning profile and certificate for the appropriate Apple ID

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