We have set up a series of uptime checks on all of our online services.

The last one is our Postgres DB. Given the connection URL in the format of:


Does postgres comes out of the box with an http-callable url that would return a 200 if DB is up and 500 or nothing is DB is down?


You can use pg_isready to check the connection status of a PostgreSQL server

pg_isready --dbname=dbname --host=hostname --port=port --username=username

From the documentation:

pg_isready returns 0 to the shell if the server is accepting connections normally, 1 if the server is rejecting connections (for example during startup), 2 if there was no response to the connection attempt, and 3 if no attempt was made (for example due to invalid parameters).


No, it does not speak HTTP. You'd have to talk to the database using its driver software or make a small web service that does nothing but ping the database on demand.

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