I have a state like :

data: Object
  value: []

and I have some return value like:

{'name': 'myname'}
{'gender': 'male'}

Here I want to update each value simoltaneously calling dispatch:

When I call dispatch({data}, type: ADD_DATA}) where data are each values in loop. I want the result like:

data: Object
    value: [{
         'type': 'personal',
          {'name': 'myname'},
          {'gender': 'male'}

I am stuck at here :

return Object.assign({}, state, {data: Object.assign({}, state.data, {value: null})})

Can I get some help ?

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    Can you be more precise on your exact problem, please. Given only your input it is very hard to create your wanted output, as it is not clear, where to put it into that nested result? – larrydahooster Feb 10 '16 at 11:22
var person = {
  type: 'personal',
  info: yourDataHere
return Object.assign({}, state, {data: Object.assign({}, data, {
  value: state.data.value.concat(person)

I'm assuming that yourDataHere is

  {'name': 'myname'},
  {'gender': 'male'}

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