Using https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-api/ in an environment that segregates the standard wordpress install from a site that effectively uses wordpress as a service.

Site A http://example.com (the consumer)

Site B http://wordpress.example.com (the standard wordpress site with the json-api plugin installed)

Old slug: test-article New slug: test-article-new

Site A consumes site B via the JSON_API_Query::get method

So a call might look like: http://wordpress.example.com/api/post/get_post/?slug=test-article

But this will return no results because the slug is now test-article-new

However, a http call to bog-standard wordpress i.e. http://wordpress.mysite.com/test-article will correctly 301 to http://wordpress.mysite.com/test-article-new

Is the ability to follow old permalinks/canonical URLs available in the json-api plugin?

If not, how can this functionality be mimicked in the API controllers?

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