Why do my Radiobutton not look like a togglebutton? Take a look at the code

<Style x:Key="ButtonBaseStyle" TargetType="{x:Type ButtonBase}">
<Setter Property="Height" Value="100" />
<Style BasedOn="{StaticResource ButtonBaseStyle}" TargetType="{x:Type Button}" />
<Style BasedOn="{StaticResource ButtonBaseStyle}" TargetType="{x:Type ToggleButton}" />
<Style BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type ToggleButton}}" TargetType="{x:Type RadioButton}" />


If I remove the buttonbase style it works

  • What do you mean by "not look like a togglebutton"? What "works" after you remove the buttonbase style, but not before? Feb 11, 2016 at 11:38

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The looks of your RadioButton is not as ToggleButton cause of you have now changed the style hierarchy of ButtonBase->ToggleButton->RadioButton (the order in which styles and templates are overwritten in derived classes of WPF).

Your new hierarchy of style gives the most priority to the style of ButtonBase. So you have a new ToggleButton style that is derived from a ButtonBase and then you overwrite the RadioButton style with that. So noone can tell you for sure which properties have you overwritten and which will be the final set of properties.

To understand this change the XAML as following:

    <Style BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type ToggleButton}}" TargetType="{x:Type ToggleButton}" />
    <Style BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type ToggleButton}}" TargetType="{x:Type RadioButton}" /> 

and now see the look & feel of your RadioButton.


I'm not clarifying what is exactly happened and why your ToggleButton is not affected so much. But as I said it's all about the style hierarchy which is build for a control at last just before rendering on the UI.

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    I miss red the question, i was/Am in a hurry, you have an answer that suits better the question, i will take a deeper look when i get home, +1
    – SamTh3D3v
    Feb 11, 2016 at 12:40
  • @SamTheDev No Prob. I'm sure you will provide better explanation, as I haven't provided a very clear definitive answer.
    – Kylo Ren
    Feb 11, 2016 at 12:47

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