I'd like to generate sequence diagrams of a running java ee application using jtracert. How do I do this?


There's a "Quick Start" chapter on the project main page: http://code.google.com/p/jtracert/

In a few words: 1. Install SDEdit (it's absolutely free) http://sdedit.sourceforge.net/ 2. Open SDEdit 3. Choose Item Start/stop RT server in menu Extras 4. Enter any port you like and press ok 5. Add the following parameters to your application startup: -DanalyzerOutput=sdEditRtClient -DsdEditHost= -DsdEditPort=60001 -javaagent:jTracert.jar

The place where you should specify these parameters depends on your application server.

A few examples are stated below. Please note that you should replace jTracert.jar with real jar name, like jTracert-0.0.3.jar!

WebLogic 9+


File: %DOMAIN_HOME%\bin\startWeblogic.cmd. Add the following line:

set JAVA_OPTIONS=-DanalyzerOutput=sdEditRtClient -DsdEditHost= -DsdEditPort=60001 -javaagent:jTracert.jar %JAVA_OPTIONS%


File: $DOMAIN_HOME\bin\startWeblogic.sh. Add the following line:

JAVA_OPTIONS="-DanalyzerOutput=sdEditRtClient -DsdEditHost= -DsdEditPort=60001 -javaagent:jTracert.jar $JAVA_OPTIONS"

GlassFish V2

Windows & Linux

File: %DOMAIN_HOME%\config\domain.xml

Search for jvm-options element and add the elements -DanalyzerOutput=sdEditRtClient -DsdEditHost= -DsdEditPort=60001 -javaagent:jTracert.jar Start the domain as usual.

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