I was wondering if I could hardcode an array or "range" into a formula. So, for example, if I wanted to see if a month in B2 is March, April, June or July, I would like to compress this this:


where A1:a4 = 3,4,6,7

to simply:


so that I do not need extraneous lists in other cells


Yes you can, just use "{ }" rather than "( )" to surround your list of values.


I didn't test if your logic worked but showed where to put the braces.

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    This seems to work for hardcoded numbers, which technically answers the question correctly, but not for hybrid constants/cell references... e.g.=XIRR({-100,105},{42799,43164}) works but =XIRR({-B6,105},{42799,43164}) doesn't Jul 11 '17 at 18:50

Use the SUMPRODUCT() formula:


This will not work as a conditional formatting formula, only as a worksheet formula.


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