Suppose I have a directory of 100 .ISO files. Do you know how I could automate burning them to DVDs? I'd basically like to send them to a DVD burner with a hopper of DVDs similar to how you can print sheets of paper on a printer.

Any ideas on how to do this on Windows?



"There is an image queue system for when you're burning several images (which you can automatically share between multiple drives if you have more than one)"


On Linux, write a simple bash script which uses cdrecord.


Rimage http://www.rimage.com/products/software/rimage-system-software.html has duplication towers with software and an SDK which would provide you with the hardware and software required for writing lots of different discs in a big batch.

  • Thanks! That's what we ended up using in 2008 along with a few pieces of software and a custom winforms app. It worked well enough. – Lance Fisher Mar 28 '13 at 1:12

On Mac OS, you could probably use Toast and AppleScript it.

BTW, what do you mean by "hopper"? You don't think of a mechanism to swap the media for you, do you? There are such machines, but that's not really programming related, and they come with software for such a task.

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