I am learning frappe framework following the tutorial on the website.

I created a new site as well as an app, after thatinstalled the new app on the newly created site, the used the command $ bench use library but i am unable to load the new site "library". but when i go to localhost:8080 i get ERPNext site. i am using Virtual Image.

I have already tried restarting bench the currentsite.txt file contains "library"


Are you using production setup (gunicorn/nginx) or developer setup (bench start)?

If you are developing, use bench start instead of production setup.

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If you want to access your site in your browser using the site name, you have to add it to /etc/hosts first.

/etc/hosts library

Now, you can access your site at http://library:8000 in your browser.

The tutorial is now updated and explains these steps in detail: https://frappeframework.com/docs/user/en/tutorial/create-a-site#access-site-in-your-browser

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