Is it possible to auto-generate Javadoc comments for each method in one class in IntelliJ IDEA?



Under Tools you have Generate JavaDoc. Read about it in the official site.

In addition you may (Intellij 15):

Position caret above a method name, type /** and press Enter to let IntelliJ IDEA automatically generate JavaDoc stubs for this method

Edit: You can use the action Fix doc comment. It doesn't have a default shortcut, but you can assign the Alt+Shift+J shortcut to it in the Keymap, because this shortcut isn't used for anything else.

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    I mean Positioning caret above a method name and typing /** didn't worked . I made assigned shortcut and worked for me thanks... :-)
    – Madan
    Feb 14 '16 at 9:00
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    did you press Enter
    – d_rez90
    Oct 26 '17 at 22:06
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    I think the question is not how to generate JavaDoc from existing source, rather how to add JavaDoc comments to source files. If my understanding is correct, then please refer to this question
    – Tomas
    Dec 16 '17 at 18:45
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    How to generate bulk comments for entire module. Keep in mind that I am not asking about Java Doc. I am asking about method/class doc comments. Sep 16 '19 at 10:17
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    For Java, install JavaDoc plugin and for Kotlin, install KDoc plugin under File -> Settings -> Plugins -> type the plugin name in search bar for this solution to work correctly.
    – Îsh
    Jan 5 '21 at 19:57

A QuickShortCut is


From the dropdown List "Fix doc comment"


You can use JavaDoc plugin for generation JavaDoc comments in batch mode. It is the simpliest way for do it.

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